Times Tables: Mat 4 (1 - 12)

Times Tables: Mat 4 (1 - 12)
Times Tables: Mat 4 (1 - 12) Click to see reverse side of mat
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Let’s learn our 1 to 12 times tables – Mat 4

  • Help with learning 1 to 12 times tables for KS2 (age 7+).
  • On the front, the tables are clearly laid out; on the back children can test their understanding, answers are shuffled to prevent visual recall.
  • Consistent with national curriculum – as taught in schools.

We recommend most children start with Mat 1, moving on to Mat 2 when they are ready. Mat 3 presents all the times tables covered in Mats 1 and 2 and is more suitable for older and/or more advanced children who want to test their knowledge.

Currently, only avalible in A3 size.