About Us

Write On, Wipe Clean Learning Mats have been developed by mum of two, Lucy Moore, because she found her own children, Henry and Matilda, needed a little bit of extra support and encouragement at home in learning some of the basics.

Recognising that children love to learn through hands on activities, Lucy worked with experienced teachers to develop the content for the mats. Bristol-based artist Lauren Tobia, well known for her ‘Anna Hibiscus’ books, then brought the mats to life with her charming and quirky illustrations.

Following extensive testing in the classroom, feedback from teachers and parents has been extremely positive. The mats not only help children to remember, but they give them an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding. 

Covering the fundamental building blocks taught at school, the educational mats are designed to help reinforce key learning objectives in line with the National Curriculum. They can be used at
home or in the classroom to give children that little bit of extra help.

Lucy says: “It’s really important to me that when my kids use the mats they don’t see it as homework. Matilda and Henry mostly use the mats at tea-time while they’re waiting for me to dish up, as they can be used as table mats. If I ask Henry to write some of his Times Tables for a minute or two he picks up a felt-tip pen and gets on with it. We wipe them clean afterwards and put them away for next time.”

Beautifully illustrated and engaging for kids, Educational Learning Mats are both simple and fun!

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