All the mats have been extensively trialled both at home and in several different kindergarten, primary schools and prep schools in Wiltshire, Yorkshire, London and Wales. We’ve had some great feedback - here’s some examples:

“Kids will love the mats because they are eye-catching, colourful and appealing. The text links well with the pictures so they are easy to follow and understand.”

Vanessa, Primary School teacher with 30 years’ experience, Wirral

“Bright, colourful, inviting, accessible ... a link between school and home… the children really engaged with them. They especially like being able to clean them and start again!”

Rachel Ashman, Head of Early Years Foundations Stage, St Francis, Pewsey

“At last my son has learnt his être and avoir - without even noticing! By combining something very pleasurable (eating) with something more onerous (French prep), these mats take the ugh out of learning. Thank you and good luck!”

Samantha Fletcher (Parent)

“The children I tested them on really enjoyed them and wanted to do them. As a teacher I think their greatest use would be to consolidate and practice a skill taught.”

S. Keppel, Primary School teacher, Wiltshire

“The children loved using the Times Tables mats. They worked in partners and were fully engaged in the activity. There was a healthy competitive atmosphere amongst the children to see who could finish first!”

E. Cahill, Early Years teacher, Beechcroft Infant School, Swindon

“My children (11 & 13) engaged with the French mats as soon as we got them and they are now permanent fixtures on our kitchen table.”

Kate Morley (Parent)

“Kids will love using the mats because they can wipe them clean, so it’s easy to correct mistakes and they don’t have to worry about getting things wrong the first time. The Times Tables mats are brilliant because they are reusable and it takes quite a bit of time for children to master their tables.The addition and subtraction sheets break everything down into simple steps just like we do in school. It's super having all the French basic verbs on one page. ”

Vanessa, Primary School teacher with over 30 years’ experience, Wirral

“Eye-catching and colourful. Relevant to the Curriculum… a useful homework tool.”

Fairholme Preparatory School, St Asaph, Wales